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About Fairwinds Camp Consulting

Dr. Nick Teich, PhD, LCSW, is the founder of Fairwinds Camp Consulting. His experience in camp life runs deep.

As the longtime director of a camp serving marginalized populations, a social worker by training, and the founder of both non-profit and private camps, Nick knows the myriad issues that different directors face and how the camp landscape has changed over the years.

In 2009 Nick started Harbor Camps for transgender youth and, over the next 13 years, oversaw the purchase of its own 116-acre property and grew it to more than 800 campers each summer, including two other populations. He now consults with camps from everywhere while he also runs a new camp in Maine: Fairwinds Family Camp. Nick began his overnight camping career in Maine at the age of 10, where he subsequently became a CIT, counselor, and a member of the camp leadership. Prior to overnight camp, he was a day camper in NY. When he founded Harbor Camps in 2009 as a nonprofit corporation, he immediately began a robust campership/financial aid program that remains in place today. Nick is a member of the ACA-New England Board of Directors, Maine Summer Camps, and the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. He is a past recipient of the ACA's Eleanor Eells Award for Program Excellence and is also the author of Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue (Columbia Univ. Press)


Nick has a master's degree in social work and a doctorate in social policy. He looks forward to helping you and your campers thrive.

How can Fairwinds help your camp?

Consulting and staff training in these areas of expertise and more:

  • Camper Mental Health & Wellness: Preparing and training camps for handling mental health scenarios before and during camp

  • Staff Mental Health & Wellness: Preparing and training directors & staff to prevent burnout, and helping to a create staff culture at camp that works for everyone

  • Transgender & Non-binary Campers & Staff: Making inclusion work for all genders through training, culture, policies, and procedures

  • Leadership Transitions and Much More: Helping camps that are changing leadership to have a smooth transition, helping "stuck" camps get back on their feet, and more 


Each camp is different and has many wonderful facets. Fairwinds consults with the utmost care to ensure that your camp builds on its successful culture that your community has spent many years building and maintaining, while helping you to make progress in areas that need it.

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Click here to contact Fairwinds or text or call 207.200.5228

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