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Consulting & Staff Training on:
Camper Mental Health & Wellness

Is your camp dealing with:

Campers who may have emotional challenges that you were not aware of prior to camp?

Campers who may have emotional needs during camp that your staff has been under-equipped to handle?

Needing help navigating the landscape of campers who might need extra emotional or mental health support?

Fairwinds can help by:

  • Consulting & debriefing during camp regarding mental health issues or crises that arise

  • Looking at the practices of onboarding new campers and returning campers for the summer, and adding to those practices as needed

  • Helping write policies around when to get more information on campers and even help you directly get that information, plus teach you how best to use it for the well-being and safety of your campers and staff

  • Helping write crisis situation policies and clear delineations of when a camper may need help outside of camp

  • Talking through past scenarios and drawing up plans to prevent negative outcomes in the future

  • Training your staff!

What are some ways that Fairwinds can help you move forward?

Helping Hand

Preparation is key

Notebook Sketch

Getting as much information as possible about your campers' needs before camp is critical in ensuring a positive experience for them.

  • What questions should you ask parents and campers?

  • When should you reach out to campers' therapists or school counselors?

  • What information do you need to gather and what do you do with that information?

  • How can you make quick decisions during camp about campers who deal with emotional need or crises?

  • How do you make good decisions for those campers as well as everyone around them?


Fairwinds can help you with all of these facets so that you feel more prepared to work with today's campers.

Let's get started!

A Zoom call with Nick can help him understand your needs and see how he can best help your camp.

Click here to set up a meeting,

text or call 207.200.5228, or email

What qualifications does Fairwinds Camp Consulting have?

Dr. Nick Teich, PhD, LCSW, is a social worker by training and a camp founder and director of a camp for marginalized populations. His work in camp over the past 22 years has often centered around mental health and well-being of campers.

"Mental health issues make up the largest percentage of calls... It’s critical that camps prepare for mental health concerns for campers and staff."
-ACA Crisis Hotline's Analysis After Summer 2022

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